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FoxTelem screen shot FoxTelem is a Java application I wrote that processes the real time audio from the Fox-1 series of spacecraft and decodes the telemetry. It stores the decoded data locally for analysis and uploads decoded frames to the AMSAT Telemetry Server. To the right you can see FoxTelem decoding audio from my FT-736R on a low noisy pass.

FoxTelem can also read IQ audio directly from a Software Defined Radio like the FunCube Dongle or any other SDR that can can supply IQ audio. Many people also use an external SDR such as SDR# or HDSDR and feed the demodulated audio to FoxTelem using a virtual cable.

FoxTelem is used by a network of ground stations to retrieve the telemetry and experiment data from the Fox Satellites. The experiment data can then be accessed by AMSAT's University partners who fly student experiments on the spacecraft. The data can also be examined and analyzed by Amateur Scientist with an enthusism for space, or radio.

You can download the latest version of FoxTelem here or download it from AMSAT or view the source code and issues at github.

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